We are here when dental emergencies strike in Brookswood and Langley, BC

When dental emergencies strike, Dr. Harpreet Aulakh and her team at Smile365 Dental in Langley, BC near Brookswood are here to help. We strive to see emergency cases the same day, and we will work to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. Emergency service is available, regardless of whether you are an established patient or have never visited our office. 

Is it an emergency?

You have a dental problem. Can it wait until your next checkup? Should you schedule an appointment sooner? Or is it a genuine emergency that requires care ASAP? In most cases, your comfort and safety dictate the answer. If you are in unbearable pain or have symptoms such as significant swelling and bleeding, it absolutely is an emergency. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. For less urgent concerns such as mild recurring pain or minor tooth damage, please schedule an appointment soon. Most oral health problems are progressive, so it will likely become worse if you delay care.

What you can do in a dental emergency 

  • Oral injury – Use an ice pack externally to control swelling. Pressure applied using sterile gauze can slow bleeding.
  • Pain – Over the counter pain medication such as ibuprofen may help. For topical pain relief use a dental numbing product such as Orajel or use clove oil. Never exceed the recommended dosage of medication or apply an external topical product inside your mouth.
  • Loose dental restoration – You may be able to temporarily secure a crown using denture adhesive or sugar-free chewing gum. Never use superglue, as this can damage your tooth.
  • Knocked out tooth – This is the most urgent type of dental injury, because there is a very limited window for potential reattachment. Handle the tooth carefully, and do not disturb and soft tissue that is still attached. Reinsert it in the socket if possible. Alternately, place it in a sterile container of milk and bring it to the office with you. See a dentist ASAP.
Tooth Emergency

Help is a phone call away

If you are in or near Brookswood and Langley, BC, save our phone number: (604) 409-8660. When you need urgent dental treatment, just give us a call. 

Dr. Harpreet Aulakh

Dr. Harpreet Aulakh, DDS

A graduate from University of Alberta, Dr. Harpreet Aulakh is a very established professional in the field of dentistry. She is a firm believer in giving back to the community by providing the best possible dental care to her patients. It has always been Dr. Aulakh’s passion to restore her patient’s health and reward the trust they place in her by restoring their dental health and providing them with the best dental care solutions.

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