Brookswood and Langley, BC orthodontics are effective and discreet with the Invisalign system

Dr. Harpreet Aulakh and the team of Smile365 Dental in Langley, BC and the Brookswood, BC area are here to help you love your smile. We understand that problems such as crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can be a serious cosmetic or oral concern. Yet, many people aren’t very happy with the idea of wearing bulky, uncomfortable, unattractive braces. That is exactly why we offer several innovative orthodontic solutions, including clear Invisalign aligners.

A clearly different kind of orthodontic treatment

It only takes one look at someone wearing Invisalign aligners to realize that they are not typical braces. The difference is obvious in what you don’t see, which is brackets, wires, or other bulky metal parts. What you will see is teeth, and a beautiful smile. Unless you look very closely, you might not even notice the ultra-thin, crystal clear aligner covering them. 

Invisalign utilizes the same proven principles of low-force tooth movement as standard braces. However, the way that force is applied to teeth is entirely different. Clear aligners fit over your teeth much like a very snug orthodontic retainer, applying gentle, precise pressure. Full treatment involves a series of aligner trays, moving teeth in small increments until optimal results are achieved.

About the procedure

The first step is a consultation, during which we will discuss your options. Virtually anyone who is a candidate for traditional braces is also a potential candidate for Invisalign. Minor tooth movement can usually be achieved with aligners alone.

For complex cases, we may use Invisalign SmartForce, which are tiny tooth-colored attachments affixed to certain teeth. Attachments help the aligners grip teeth, directing movement.

  • Invisalign treatment begins with digital imaging, which is more comfortable than traditional impressions. This renders a three-dimensional virtual model of your teeth.
  • Treatment is planned step-by-step using specialized software, which shows the expected result at every stage. This allows your dentist to refine the plan, if necessary, before treatment even begins. The Invisalign laboratory fabricates a series of aligners, according to the final plan.
  • You will wear each aligner for about two weeks, then discard it and begin wearing the next one. For optimal results, you need to wear your aligner at least 22 hours a day, removing it only for meals and oral hygiene.
  • The length of treatment varies, depending on your needs. In many cases, it is like that of traditional braces.
Invisalign Braces

Today is a great day to take the first step towards a straighter smile. Call our office at (604) 409-8660 and schedule an appointment near Brookswood at the Langley BC office find out if Invisalign is a good option for you.

Dr. Harpreet Aulakh

Dr. Harpreet Aulakh, DDS

A graduate from University of Alberta, Dr. Harpreet Aulakh is a very established professional in the field of dentistry. She is a firm believer in giving back to the community by providing the best possible dental care to her patients. It has always been Dr. Aulakh’s passion to restore her patient’s health and reward the trust they place in her by restoring their dental health and providing them with the best dental care solutions.

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