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If you want to lighten your teeth or to remove discolorations and/or stains, a professional tooth whitening solution through your dentist may be the answer. Tooth whitening systems are some of the most widely accepted and most popular cosmetic dental procedures available to patients providing quick results on your road to a beautifully restored smile. Dr. Harpreet Aulakh and the team at Smile 365 Dental in Langley, BC can revamp and enhance your smile using this simple, yet incredible, technology.

Why do patients in Langley, BC need teeth whitening?

Every tooth has a thin outer layer called enamel. Your tooth’s natural color comes from a combination of the reflection and scattering of light which comes off this enamel and the natural color of the dentin which lies underneath the enamel. Enamel can vary from person to person and the smoothness and thickness of it really is determined by a person’s genes. If you have thinner enamel, more of the dentin’s color can show through. The reflection of light (and therefore the color) is affected also by the smoothness/roughness of your enamel.

A question you might have is “How do stains form on my teeth?”. The answer is straightforward. Each day there is a thin biofilm which forms over your enamel. This can pick up stains. Also, enamel is porous, and these pores also have an uncanny ability to retain stains. Stains can also occur within the tooth (called intrinsic stains). Intrinsic stains can occur, for instance, if a child’s developing teeth were exposed to an excess of fluoride or trauma.

Why do patients in Langley, BC need teeth whitening?

With surface stains, there are multiple factors which contribute to the staining of your teeth, which include:

  • Smoking and the use of tobacco products
  • Drinking liquids which are dark in color. These include dark sodas (Coke), coffee, tea & red wine
  • Not taking good care of your teeth. This includes neglecting to brush, floss and rinse as well as not coming to your dentist for regular cleanings and exams.

Tooth whitening solutions are going to be more effective on surface (also called extrinsic) stains than they are on intrinsic stains.

The miracle of teeth whitening

The Miracle of Teeth Whitening at Smile 365 Dental in Langley, BC Area

Many whitening gels that are used contain potassium nitrate and fluoride which are ideal for whitening even the most sensitive of teeth. When you go in to see Dr. Aulakh, you will have impressions taken of your teeth, from which custom-fit trays will be crafted. This ensures a natural, comfortably snug fit. You will also be given whitening gel which is prescribed particularly to the strength that you need. This gel is sticky and stays on the teeth without moving to the soft tissues. This ensures there is no irritation of the gums. This system is preferable over laser whitening treatments because, with lasers, your enamel can become dehydrated and the bright white color can often regress shortly after. With teeth whitening, the results are dependable and long lasting. Another great feature of this system is that it can be catered to your lifestyle. As little as 15 minutes of daytime wear may be required and then they can be worn overnight as you sleep.

There is no need to have shame over teeth which have dulled in their color or appear stained. With teeth whitening offered by Dr. Harpreet Aulakh and the team at Smile 365 Dental in Langley, BC a brighter smile is just an appointment away. If you are interested in restoring your smile, please set up an appointment today by calling (604) 409-8660.

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